Physical Therapist Salary

Physical Therapist SalaryLots of people, when deciding to start a career in the medical field, take into considerations a lot of factors and in most cases, one of the is the salary. Many people say you should do what you like and forget about the pay, but actually, you need money for everything, so it’s not a bad thing to look at the possible income before you decide what’s the path you should follow.

Average Annual Physical Therapist Salary

The mean annual physical therapist salary is $77,990. The mean hourly wage is $37.50. These are the figures available from the latest statistical data produced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There is no guarantee that you will get the exact same salary as remuneration is based on a number of different factors. Your work experience is the main one. The other factors include your employer and the state that you work in. It is worth looking at how these factors will affect the wage that you will get as a physical therapist.

When you start work, you can expect to be in the low 10 to 25 percentile of therapists that make between $53,620 and $64,230 per year. Your remuneration will most likely remain in this gap until you gain over five years of experience. As you continue to develop your skills on the job, you will move to the middle 50 percentile. Your physical therapist salary may reach $76,310 or higher. When you become an experienced professional, you can expect to be in the top 25 to 10 percentile of professionals. They make around $90,350 to $107,920.

The mean remuneration of physical therapists across different employers varies, so it is worth looking at the wage that you can expect to get in each sector of the health care industry where you can work. Most professionals work in private practices of their own or in group private practices. The mean annual salary for a physical therapist in this sector of the industry is $76,860.

The mean annual wage of professionals working in general medical and surgical hospitals is $76,880. A large number of physical therapists offer home health care services. Their mean annual remuneration is $86,590. Those therapists working in nursing care facilities have a mean annual wage of $81,010. A relatively few professionals work in the offices of physicians. The mean annual physical therapist income in this sector is $78,080. [Read more...]

Becoming a Physical Therapist

If you’re thinking about starting a career as a physical therapist, then you need to know where to start from. It’s a lot of work, but it should be worth it, since the physical therapist salary is pretty good compared to other fields. You need to have a bachelor’s degree for becoming a physical therapist first. It is best for this degree to be in a subject area relevant to medicine and health care. Students who take biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics or statistics as their major have the best chances of getting into a physical therapy program. In general, the college that you graduate from is not that important, but you must have excellent grades. Students are expected to have diverse experiences as well. In many cases, you will be required to have done voluntary work in a physical therapy ward before you can continue to the next stage of your education.

All of these prerequisites are necessary for enrolling in a post-baccalaureate program in physical therapy. Accredited programs are available from graduate schools and lead to a doctoral degree. A doctoral degree program takes around 3 years to complete. These programs are extremely competitive so you must meet all requirements described above and even exceed the required minimum.

Studying at graduate school is the main option for becoming a physical therapist. You may think that getting in is hard, but you will see that completing the program successfully is times more difficult. As part of the academic curriculum, you will study subjects like biology, anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology and cellular histology. Exercise physiology, biomechanics and neuroscience are essential subjects for aspiring physical therapists. Classes in diagnostics and radiology in particular as well as in clinical reasoning and behavioral science are also important for acquiring the practical skills necessary for the job. [Read more...]

Physical Therapist Assistant Salary

The physical therapist assistant salary is an important factor to consider when you are deciding whether to choose the profession of an assistant to a physical therapist. Generally, assistants are expected to have excellent employment opportunities as the demand for their services grows constantly. This means that the remuneration will most likely increase as well. Learn more about the current salary that you can expect to earn.

At present, the mean annual physical therapist assistant salary is $49,810. The mean hourly wage is $23.95. The professionals in the lower 10 percentile make around $31,070 per year. Those in the lower 25 per cent have a mean annual remuneration of $40,240. Those who fall in the middle 50 per cent make around $49,690 per year. Those in the upper 25 per cent have a yearly remuneration equal to $59,050. The upper 10 per cent of earners make around $68,820.

It is natural for you to ask where the different in the physical therapist assistant salary come from. Your remuneration will depend on your work experience, the employer that you work for and the state that you live in. Individuals with up to five years of experience can expect to be in the lower 10 to 25 per cent of earners. Those with up to tend years on the job will most likely be in the mid 50 per cent of earners. As you gain over ten and twenty years of experience, you may be in the top 25 or even top 10 per cent. Still, your remuneration will depend on the other two major factors as well. [Read more...]

What Does a Physical Therapist Do?

What Does a Physical Therapist Do?The career is highly rewarding and very promising, but you really have to ask yourself, “What does a physical therapist do?” It is essential for people that consider becoming physical therapists to know all about the nature of the work, the main tasks and responsibilities. Use this guide to get complete information on what a professional does exactly.

What does a physical therapist do?

Patient evaluation is among the main tasks of a physical therapist. On the job, you will have to meet new patients almost daily. These are people that have just suffered an injury or trauma that has resulted in mobility and functionality problems. You will examine the patient and run some tests. These are usually very basic ones. For instance, you will ask the patient to walk from one end of the room to the other.

You will evaluate the patient’s physical condition based on eight important factors. These are general mobility, strength, flexibility, balance, range of motion, endurance, coordination and body mechanics. It is not uncommon for therapists to examine the medical record of the patient in detail and to consult physicians and other health care as part of the evaluation process. [Read more...]

Physical Therapist Salaries in California

Physical therapist salaries in California can fluctuate depending on a number of factors, including experience, type of facility, and work environment. Physical therapists enjoy a career with excellent remuneration. California has the largest population of any state in the USA, ans currently employs over an estimated 14 000 physical therapists. California is not only a popular destination for retirees, but it’s warm climates attract people from all over the continent, and it’s ethnic diversity makes many groups feel at home in sunny California.

According to the latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics with regards to physical therapist salary in California, it is above the median average across the nation. It should be noted that since these latest statistics are from 2009, that it is possible at this point for careers to be paying more than what is quoted below. The scale goes from 10% to 90%, which indicates the percentage of physical therapists earning at or below that wage bracket.

United States Median Physical Therapist Salary: $76,310

10%: $53,620

25-75%: $64,230 – $90,350

90%: $107,920

Physical Therapist Salary in California Median: $83,740 per year

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